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My Love For God &
Passionate About Inspiring Others 

God came into my life at the age of twelve. We had a deep relationship. We would talk all day every day. Then at the end of each day, God would give me a word to write in my journal. There were no distractions in our relationship. I could hear God very clear as He spoke to me. At this time in my life, God was building a foundation inside of me. Every time I opened my mouth to others, it was all about God. 

God chose me to be a leader. I was the type of person who always wanted to be in the background. I never had to be over people to feel good about myself. I was a great follower. God had other intentions for my life. God called and chose me to teach women how to be a woman of virtue. For every call, God provides the provision. He instructed me every step of the way. God spoke to me and said that “Your life is your message.” God allows things in our lives to take us out of our comfort zone. He does not bring unfavorable situations in our lives, but He will use them to birth our purpose. 

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